Supporting Selective Single Mother in Tokyo


最近は財政的に安定した女性がたくさんいます。 関係のない子供がいることを望む人。


興味のある女性のために私は英国の白人男性です。 教育を受けたプロフェッショナル。 青い目。 タイプ。 背の高い。 種類。 ハンサム。
基本的な方法は、自然な性的タイミング方法です。 遠慮なくご連絡ください。

I have begun the blog as I have become interested in co-parenting.

As now there are many women who wish to have children without a relationship and are financially stable.

Specifically I would like to assist selective single mother in Tokyo area. There are also couples who may be interested or are having difficulty to conceive.

For women who are interested I am a white male from the UK. Educated professional, blue eyes, tall, kind. The basic method is natural sexual timing method. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


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